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Savannah Folwell

Savannah Folwell has always held a strong passion for training animals from a young age starting with her dalmation, Labrador retrievers, bullmastiff, chickens, and horses growing up. She began her journey into professional dog training after acquiring a working line German Shepherd Dog and quickly realizing the dog needed a job. She sought out and interviewed many trainers before choosing one to learn from not knowing that would be the beginning of her future career.

After mentoring under highly skilled trainers in the Metro Atlanta area for two years, she attended Highland Canine LLC School for Dog Trainers where she graduated top of her class in the Police K9 Instructor Program. She then designed and co-ran obedience and behavior modification programs with her coworker Connor for a training company in South Georgia. After successfully building that company’s programs, they were offered the opportunity to further refine their skills by helping establish a second company in South Georgia. Once that company was well established, her and Connor started their own company in North Georgia. Lifelong K9 was born.

Savannah has attended a variety of seminars of all topics including but not limited to obedience, behavior modification, protection, detection, tracking/trailing and decoy foundation. She strives to continue her education by attending multiple seminars a year and schools when applicable. The most recent school being Tracker School where she became certified as an instructor for man-trailing through Georgia K9’s intensive training program.

Savannah focuses on making sure her clients are as confident with their dogs and she is. She wants her clients to be able to enjoy their dog in any environment/situation/adventure, be able to show off their newfound skills, and relax knowing they have a well-behaved dog. During her off hours, Savannah enjoys training her personal dog in protection, tracking/trailing, detection, and obedience, as well as preparing for competing in a variety of dog sports.

Savannah's Team

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