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Connor Lewis

Connor Lewis grew up with a love of animals and all things outdoors. He wanted to combine his passions by acquiring a yellow lab puppy to train up as his duck dog. After successfully self-training his dog to retrieve ducks, he realized he truly enjoyed learning how to train dogs.

Connor attended and graduated the Master Trainer Program at Highland Canine LLC School for Dog Trainers with the accomplishments of Student Excellence, Honor Graduate, and the Outstanding Achievement Award. After which he co-ran obedience and behavior modification programs with his coworker Savannah for a training company in South Georgia. After successfully building that company’s programs, they were offered the opportunity to further refine their skills by helping establish a second company in South Georgia. Once that company was well established, him and Savannah started their own company in North Georgia. Lifelong K9 was born.

Connor has trained dogs in obedience, behavior modification, tracking/trailing, bird dog training, and service dog training. Connor continues to further his education by participating in multiple seminars a year and schools when able. He instills confidence and knowledge in his clients making them excited to go out and challenge their skills. His clients have people constantly asking how they got their dogs to behave so well. When he isn’t training clients and their dogs, he is training his personal dogs in bird dog training, shed hunting, tricks, obedience, and competing with his dogs.

Connor's Team

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